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Table of content

                                                            Heavy Haul

Tractor + Drop Deck

Tractor + Double Drop Deck

Tractor + Jeep + Drop Deck + Booster

                                                            Super Heavy Haul

Truck + 2xDolly + Spreader + Bridge + Spreader + 2xDolly

Tractor + 2xJeep + Bridge + Jeep + Dolly

                                                            Save Tractor, Drop Deck in database

Create/Edit Tractor Demo

Create/Edit Drop Deck Demo

                                                            Schnabel Vehicle

Create Schnabel Demo

                                                            Straight Truck Custom look

Create/Edit Truck (Tanker)

Create/Edit Truck (Vacuum body)

Create/Edit Truck (Water Sprinkler)

Create/Edit Truck (Salt Spreader)

                                                            Tractor + Tanker (Auto-Fill)

Create Tanker Auto-Fill Demo

                                                            Demo with audio

General Demo

                                                            Demo without audio

Flatbed Demo

Tanker Demo

Heavy Haul Demo

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