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"I was doing professional looking weight distributions in no time"

"I gladly use Load-Xpert, and would recommend it to anybody involved in the transportation industry"

"This program has made the sale for us in a number of instances. When you can go up to an owner of a company, and confidently tell, and show him how much material he can handle that is a big asset"

"I have been called, and personally thanked by customer's that have bought our product, for saving them money, and I did it all with the very easy to use Load Xpert software"

Chad Oldenkamp
Lead Design Draftsman
Formerly with Circle R Inc.
Side Dump Trailer Mfg.

"We have been using Load Xpert software for over five years in our Fleet Services department with great success."

"There are constant truck and trailer loading issues in our business of operating a electric and natural gas utility fleet."

"We are able to quickly and accurately determine load placements and resulting axle weights with Load Xpert."

"Using the software has reduced the occurrences of unsafe and costly overweight conditions."

Robert Dash
Fleet Specialist
Avista Utilities

"We are fully satisfied and recommend it to every Heavy Haul carriers"

"Now that our test confirmed the accuracy of it, we could not afford loading a heavy load without confirming our axle loads with this software"

"It's saving a lot of time, efforts & overweight fines"

Martin Dupuis
Watson Transport

"This software is an efficient training tool that helps us build the loading plans in our trailers"

"It also enables us to respect the loading standards by reducing the risk of costly fines"

Clement Brissette
Robert Transport