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"We have had great success with the Load Xpert software!"

"While it has been very helpful in maximizing our railcar yields overall, we are able to quickly and easily try what-if scenarios, to improve specific ship-to location's railcars. For one customer's orders we were able to add additional rolls into each railcar, thereby reducing the overall number of railcars required annually. This alone saved Catalyst Paper over $30,000 in freight costs."

"Another key success with Load Xpert has been the ability to easily plan railcars that contain multiple SKUs. Trying to manually plan a railcar that contains over fifteen different SKUs would normally take a few hours; using Load Xpert, this same railcar can be planned in less than five minutes."

"One last point to share, the printed solutions is an invaluable tool for the railcar loading process as it shows exactly how the car should be loaded, including dunnage and strapping. As well, the visual point of reference enables the pickers better and reduces the loading time."

"Thanks for a great product."

Gerry Rolufs
Director - Distribution
Catalyst Paper Corporation
Richmond, British Columbia

"We are using the Load Xpert software in our mill since May 2006 to create trailer and railcar loading plans for shipping paper rolls. Since that time, the software kept improving and allowed us to generate some savings on several aspects:"

"1. Saving of labor time for employees creating loading plans."

"2. Optimizing the loading capacity of the vehicles (from 89% to 95%)"

"3. Increased the possibilities of mixing orders from different machines together inside the same vehicle for the same destination"

"4. Possibility of loading multiple diameters inside the same vehicle"

"We are very satisfied of the Load Xpert software and of the support that we are receiving from a professional team that was opened to our needs all along the software implementation.

Chantal Deschênes, M.Sc.
Superintendant Finishing & Shipping
AbitibiBowater, Alma Division
(418) 668-9400 x9520

"Since JB Hunt purchased the Load Xpert software in June 2007 we have assisted many shippers and have reduced:"

"1. Rework time saving expensive manhours"

"2. Less driver downtime which means more wages"

"3. Reduction of costly rework expenses"

"Load Xpert has been a beneficial tool for our sales force"

Bobby Lynch
JB Hunt Intermodal
Tel. 479-820-7202
Fax 479-820-3768

"We are now able to obtain all the time a valid load plan. The software allows us to minimize the amount of dunnage material we are using while conforming to the current cargo securement standards. This will without a doubt ease our transition with all the planned retirements for the next few years in our mill."

François Paradis, P. Eng.
Kruger, Trois-Rivières
Finishing and shipping department